Driven by creativity, skill and experience.


There are many great photographers out there in this world and with todays advanced electronics, photography became a lot easier. But no matter how great your equipment is as  a photographer it comes down to the eye. Most photographers put you in front of great locations and dress you in stylish clothes and simply start shooting a bunch. Let me tell you how I am different. As a successful model worldwide I have worked with many great photographers and even some of the best in the world. Their demands and expectations are very high. In my duty to perform as a model and I learned everything that is essential to create a great photo. I know what is important to capture and I know how to guide your posing and emotion to capture this one particular special moment. Top quality only. THE BEST OR NOTHING.

I started modeling at the age of 17. In 1998 I made first place in The International model and talent contest for teens of the worldwide known magazine BRAVO. Loral’ Paris took me under contract. As my career in Germany became strong I also traveled between Paris, Milan and New York for the fashion seasons. For now 20 years of my life I have worked as a professional full time model. From fashion to lifestyle, TV commercials, catalog, billboards, tv shows, acting roles, fashion campaigns and so much more all around the world has forged my experience. Being a model and becoming a full time model and being able to sustain yourself over 20 years as a full time model is a lot of hard work, dedication and improving each and everyday. Today’s influencers and smart phone users believe that a huge amount of followers and a beauty app filter will create good photography and a quality model. If you don’t go through the stage of living in Paris, Milan, HongKong, Cape Town, New York or Germany markets where the model agency hands you a map and a sheet with different casting directors and castings and start finding your way, you will never gain the quality and level of experience that I have. The reason I share my model career path is to make you understand my quality of work as I use my experience as a model myself to photograph you. Either family, wedding, engagement, newborn, lifestyle, resort, fashion, models, actors portraits etc, my images are strong!