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There are many great photographers out there and with todays advanced electronics, photography has became a lot easier. But no matter how great your equipment is as a photographer it comes down to the individual capturing the image. What makes me and my photography partner (wife) different than most is that we are and have been successful models worldwide. I have worked with some of the best photographers in the world with very high demands and expectations. My duty to perform as a model is how I have learned everything that is essential to create a great photo. I know what is important to capture and I know how to guide your posing and emotion to capture this one special moment. 

I started modeling at the age of 17 in Germany. In 1998  Loral’ Paris took me under contract. As my career in Germany became strong I also traveled between Paris, Milan and New York for the fashion seasons. For the past 20 years of my life I have worked as a professional full time model. From fashion to lifestyle, TV commercials, catalog, billboards, tv shows, acting roles, fashion campaigns and so much more all around the world. Sustaining a full-time modeling career has taken a lot of hard work, dedication and improving each and everyday. I use all of my years of experience from my past and current work to capture you in the best light, unique angles with beautiful emotion. 

I have a passion for all types of photography as each one allows for a special capture of skill and emotion. Dance and athletic photography I capture the strength combine with the artistic unique style of you. Headshots for actors and business individuals I capture your character in the best of light. Modeling portfolio shots along with senior portfolio shots I do with ease and capture your beauty in many different poses and clothing options.Family photography is where my wife and I have been called a “dream team”. We photograph the family as a group both capturing different angles and then my wife with her love for photo shooting kids breaks off and captures those moments while I work with the couples. Working together our family shoots are painless, our clients feel so comfortable and kids are so happy. Wedding photography is very similar with my wife capturing different angles and captures. We help all of our clients pose as that is what we both do daily for a living so we are easily able to guide our clients to feel like naturals in front of the camera. Now please take a look around and then contact me to make some magical memories.